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Armtex HP hoses
  • Resists burn-through for a full minute*
  • Perfect fit of outer jacket and inner tube
  • High tenacity polyester/polyamide outer jacket
  • Oversized inner jacket for increased water flow
  • Lower friction loss than other double jacket hoses
  • Exceptional heat and cut resistance
  • Outstanding kink resistance
  • Ideal for low pressure combination straight stream/fog nozzles
  • Available as 1 ¾" attack line and 2 ½" master flow line
  • NFPA 1961 compliant
  • 10 year warranty

*As per BS 6391, heat resistance test

Color(s) Working Pressure
Test Pressure
Burst Pressure
Standard Length
1.75 Fluorescent Yellow, Army, Green, Fire Engine Red, Blue Devil Blue 580 1160 1740 50/100 0.40 0.142
2.5 Fluorescent Yellow, Blue Devil Blue 410 820 1230 50/100 0.60 0.154

Kuriyama Fire Products reserves the right to modify any specification without prior notice to meet or exceed changing standards. Special diameters or construction characteristics can be produced upon special request. Contact your local dealer or Kuriyama Fire Products at: sales@kuriyamafireproducts.com