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Armtext One hose
  • Designed and recommended for firefighting, especially in municipal fire departments, petrochemical and nuclear plants, navies and other industrial services.
  • Made from circularly woven 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn, completely protected and locked-in by tough, highly resistant synthetic nitrile rubber & PVC blend, extruded through the weave, forming a single homogenous construction without the use of glues or adhesives.
  • Brick red is the standard color. Other colors available on request.
  • Available in the sizes of 1", 1 ½", and 2 ½".
Inner Diameter (in.) Wall Thickness (in.) Service Test Pressure (psi) Test Pressure (psi) Burst Pressure (psi) Weight (lb/ft)
1 0.08 580 1160 1740 0.131
1 ½ 0.08 304 609 913 0.215
2 ½ 0.09 251 502 754 0.383

Kuriyama Fire Products reserves the right to modify any specification without prior notice to meet or exceed changing standards. Special diameters or construction characteristics can be produced upon special request. Contact your local dealer or Kuriyama Fire Products at: sales@kuriyamafireproducts.com